Workplace Mental Health - Developing a Structured Approach

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The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) declare that workplace mental health is now a safety issue.

A number of factors have combined in the EU member States of Ireland and the United Kingdom which will determine how employers will respond to workplace mental health. Workplace mental health is now a safety issue. TheInstitution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) have taken the lead and are declaring that workplace mental health is now a safety issue and that its members are well placed to respond.

Focus on compliance, risk assessments and employee support therapy.

IOSH Magazine's March 2019 issue focused on evaluating employee assistance programmes and implemen􀆟ng structured wellbeing programmes. IOSH is urging its members to think safety, compliance, risk assessments, and employee support therapy to address the mental health issues that are now impacting the workplace.

Learning objectives: Those attending this presentation will learn about the following
  • Outline the Institution of Occupaatonal Safety and Health (IOSH) Guidance on Workplace mental health.
  • How to conduct a mental health risk assessments for all mental health risks and providing reasonable accommodation for employees with disabilities.
  • Defining limits of Manager’s role in rela􀆟on to managing poor performance and signpos􀆟ng employees to appropriate mental health professionals and community based resources, for support.


Workplace Mental Health - Introducing a Structured Approach Using IOSH Guidance - Online
Thursday 18th February 2021

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