Driving for work - Managing the risks of intoxicants (defined as drugs and alcohol)

Waterford - Tuesday 22nd October 2019

Half day seminar 1pm - 5pm Chamber of Commerce, Georges Street

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Safety Critical - Driving for Work

Driving for work involves a risk not only for the driver, but also for fellow workers and members of the public, such as pedestrians and other road users. Driving for work includes any person who drives on a road as part of their work either in:

  • A company vehicle
  • Their own vehicle and receives an allowance from their employer for miles driven.
  • As an employer or self-employed person, you must, by law, manage the risks that may arise when you or your employees drive for work. Although employers cannot directly control roadway conditions they can promote and influence safe driving behaviour amongst their employees.

Learning Objectives

Assessing the risks associated with driving in the course of work.

  • Penalties for breaches of the Road Traffic Acts, including suspension.
  • Road Traffic Act 2016 - Use of hand held mobile devices while driving. Penalty points and recent case law.

Maurice Quinlan

Introduced the Occupational Alcoholism Programme (OAPs) concept to Europe and hosted the first seminar on this topic in the Clarence Hotel, Dublin, in September 1980. In 2017 he designed a new training module to manage the Health and Safety Risks of those who drive for work.

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