Online course on Thursday 22nd September will review the implications of two major developments on psychosocial risks to workplace mental health

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) have taken the lead and are declaring that workplace mental health is now a safety issue and that its members are well placed to respond. IOSH is urging its members to think safety, compliance, risk assessments, and employee support therapy to address the mental health issues that are now impacting the workplace.

The international standard ISO 45003 was published in July 2021 and provides guidance on how organisations can manage workplace psychological risk by identifying the primary risk factors and determining what would improve the working environment.

Two leading experts, Maurice Quinlan Director of the EAP Institute Waterford, Ireland and Don Jorgensen Ph.D., the owner of Arizona-based Human Factor Consulting will present a ground breaking online course to outline current trends in the development of a new model, entitled the
Waterford Model of Employee Support Services (ESS) and Employee Support Therapy (EST) which will shape the future safety responses to workplace mental health disabilities.